Create an optimal learning environment that your students will thrive in. Exposure to natural daylight promotes better cognitive function and memory abilities. LED Skylights emit light that closely resembles the visible spectrum of natural sunlight.

led skylights

Enhanced learning abilities

Students are more engaged and active in a classroom that offers the right lighting conditions. LED Skylights create a relaxed learning environment which helps students retain more information and achieve better results.


Easy to install

Our LED panels come in standard sizes that can be fitted into any typ of celling with minimal wiring required.


Virtually no maintenance required

Cut costs by eliminating the need for regular maintenance; LED Skylights do not require any servicing for the duration of their lifetime.


Long lasting

LED Skylights have a lifetime of 50,000 hours, and there are options to further extend this period (contact us for more details).


DALI compatible

Fully compatible with the Digital
Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI).
Up to 64 LED panels can be
controlled simultaneously.

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