LED Skylights - Frequently Asked Questions

An LED Skylight is an alternative to traditional skylights. It is an artificial source of light combining LED technology, toughened glass, and smart controllers in a panel that can be installed on any type of ceiling without having to make costly roof alterations.

LED Skylights emit artificial light that closely resembles the visible spectrum of natural sunlight. In its purest form natural sunlight has a temperature of around 5,000 degrees Kelvin and a Color Rendering Index of 100. By comparison, our LED panels are capable of emitting light at temperatures in the range of 2,500 to 10,000 degrees Kelvin with a CRI of up to 98.

LED Skylights have many advantages over traditional skylights.

Here’s an article that shows LED Skylights VS Traditional Skylights

The Color Rendering Index is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering ability. Light sources with a CRI of 85 to 90 are considered good at color rendering. Light sources with a CRI of 90 or higher are excellent at color rendering.

Our LED Skylights have a CRI range of 93 to 98. See full specs.

The materials used to produce an LED Skylight combine several new and innovative optical technologies. An aluminum frame holds together the LED lights, smart controllers, and toughened-glass panel with micro-structures that enable unique lighting patterns and the perception of an authentic blue sky.

Yes. Our LED Skylights are UL Certified, which means that they have been tested and have received a positive, and we are in the process of receiving additional certifications.

Yes. We stand by our products and offer 5 years warranty for all LED Skylights.

50,000 hours (5-6 years of continuous usage). This period can be extended by replacing the parts that might fail after the initial lifespan has ended.

We currently offer two options for the background image – Scattered Clouds and Clear Blue Sky. For custom orders please contact us.

No. LED Skylights do not require any costly servicing or maintenance work for the duration of their life.

We currently only offer a white varnish option. Please contact us for special requirements.

Any Electrician will be able to install an LED Skylight relatively quickly. We provide you with detailed instructions on the process. There is some minimal wiring work to be done, but no retrofitting is required.

A 2′ x 2′ (60cm x 60cm) LED panel weighs 7.7 kgs. A 2′ x 4′ LED panel (60cm x 120cm) weighs 16 kgs. See the full specifications here.

Minimal heat is generated by the LED panel, but it is virtually imperceptible.

LEDs do not produce UV radiation.

A single LED panel can light up an area of 15 m² with 4,500 Lux if installed at a height of 3 meters. At a height of 6 meters, the same area will receive 3,000 Lux.

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