Bring abundant daylight to any indoor environment

LED Sky delivers innovative LED lighting solutions that mimic natural sunlight. Our easy to install Skylights will brighten up any commercial or residential area, creating an entirely new and pleasant ambience.

Brighten up your day


Exposure to natural daylight is vital to our physical and mental well being, unfortunately most of us do not get enough of it.

LED Skylights emit artificial light that closely resembles the visible spectrum of natural sunlight. Through a combination of cutting-edge LED technology, toughened glass, and smart controllers, LED Skylights can reproduce the feeling of daylight and infinite skies.


Rediscover the benefits of natural daylight conditions

Improve your health and productivity. Our internal clocks are in sync
with the natural daylight cycle and numerous studies have demonstrated the health benefits of plentiful exposure to natural light. LED Skylights produce light that closely mimics sunlight, allowing you to enjoy
all the benefits that it delivers:

   Improved cognitive performance
   Aligned sleep/wake cycle
   Reduced risk of eye strain
   Improved skin collagen production
   Optimized metabolism
   Increased blood circulation
   Improved mood

In tune with your circadian rhythm

Use our intuitive mobile app or the wall mounted controller to synchronize your Skylight with the natural daylight cycle and align with your internal clock.


Full control over  the lighting ambience

Adjust the lighting dynamic to your preference based on a specific geographic location as well as the four seasons.
Brightness, skylight, and color temperature can all be modified to your liking.
LED Skylights have a dimmable range of 1% to 100%

Suitable for commercial and industrial use

Fully compatible with the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI). Up to 64 LED panels can be controlled simultaneously.

Three ways to control your LED SkyLight

Wall Mounted

Mobile App

DALI Protocol

Digital Addressable
Lighting Interface


LED Skylights will transform your windowless environment into an open and welcoming area.



Optimize productivity, boost morale, and reduce absenteeism rates.



Enhance the shopping experience and increase the amount of time customers spend in your store.


Hotels & Spas

Create the perception of extraordinarily wide spaces and infinite skies in areas that are deprived of natural light.



Brighten up any room in your home without costly roof alterations.



Help patients feel comfortable and speed up their recovery by creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere.



Improve the learning process with a well lit environment that pupils will enjoy studying in.

Mounting Frame Options

Our LED panels come in standard sizes (2'x2' and 2'x 4') that can fit into any ceiling with minimal wiring; no retrofitting is required. For special size requirements please contact us.

Customers can choose from multiple framing options available:

Recessed mounted frame

White baking varnish for dual mounting

Surface mounted frame

White baking varnish for single mounting

Recessed mounted frame

White baking varnish for single mounting

Surface mounted frame

White baking varnish for dual mounting

Through a combination of nano materials and toughened glass, SkyPanel LED Skylights are able to reproduce stunning lighting patterns and create a feeling of infinite skies.

There are two models to choose from:

Scattered White Clouds


Clear Sky View

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